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International Association for Mission Studies
August 15-20, 2012

Public Lectures

“Migration, Human Dislocation, and the Good News:
Margins as the Centre in Christian Mission”

This conference will be attended by 200 missiologists from around the world.

Lectures open to the public:
(For more information and map download IAMS Keynote Poster)

Jehu Hanciles & Emma Wild-Wood
Thursday, August 16, 8:00 pm
Sorbara Auditorium, St. Michaels College, Toronto

Daniel Groody & Mojúbàolú Olúrúnké Okome 
Saturday, August 18, 8:00 pm
Sorbara Auditorium, St. Michaels College, Toronto

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The Canadian Churches Forum for Global Ministries is a member of the local host committee.

Conference description from the International Association for Mission Studies Website:

The IAMS 2012 Toronto Assembly will explore the profound missiological dimensions of human migration and dislocation, past, present, and future. We will attend especially to the many repercussions of widespread contemporary human movement for the theory and practice of Christian mission.

The Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, reflecting the lives of God’s people who were uprooted, exiled, and scattered, feature epic experiences of human mobility like the call to a new land, exodus and resettlement, and the scattering of the early Christians. The last half-millennium has seen the Gospel span the globe, often accompanied by the disenfranchisement and sometimes obliteration of other peoples. Dislocation, compelled and voluntary, continues to characterize our contemporary human story as people cross state boundaries or move within their own countries in search of safety or well-being. Christian mission, often a feature of large-scale movements of peoples, must continue to attend responsibly to these historic global realities.

We welcome papers on mission and diverse aspects of human mobility from across the disciplines. These can touch upon a range of themes including ethnicity, race, gender, HIV-Aids, human rights, violence, poverty, nationalism, other religion s , and ecclesiastical tradition . We urge IAMS members to prepare papers and share research, especially as these relate to this Assembly’s migration theme.