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The Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning is pleased to offer the following resources for global mission and ministry.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Global Justice

A Moment of Truth: KAIROS Palestine
Ecumenical Three Session Study Guide CCFGM 2011
$7.95 Out of Stock. Still available from United Churches Resources Distribution

Intercultural Mission, Ministry and Living

Orientation for Global Ministry Personnel

Sojourning: A Leader’s Guide for Short Term Mission Travel. CCFGM. New Expanded Edition.

On Your Way A Guide to your Overseas Intercultural Experience, by Mary Rose Donnelly. CCFGM.

Here Among Us: A Guide to Intercultural Experience for Visitors to Canada, by Mary Rose Donnelly. CCFGM. (See also the Spanish translation below, Aqui entre Nosotros.)
$12.95 Out of print – limited copies remaining

Aqui entre Nosotros: Guia Para una Experiencia Intercultural pars Visitantes a Canada, by Mary Rose Donnelly. CCFGM.
$12.95 Out of print – limited copies remaining

Welcoming Friends from Abroad: A Guidebook for Hospitality


Coming Home: A Re-entry Workbook for Returned Missionaries and Volunteers. CCFGM.

Returning Home, by Patricia McCluskey.

Welcome Home, by Patricia McCluskey.

How Do We Welcome Them Home? A Journey of Transition for Communities Welcoming Missioners and Volunteers Home, by Patricia McCluskey and Sara TaLis

Remaining Faithful: How Do I Keep My Experience Alive? by Julie Lupien, From Mission to Mission.

Health Concerns (CUSO)

*Note: All CUSO books are also available in French / Tous les livres de CUSD sent egalement disponibles en francais. Please contact us using the order form below before ordering the French version.

Health Advice for Living Overseas

Staying Healthy While Living in Canada

A Healthy Stay in Canada

Violence and Trauma

How Do I Get Over It? Surviving Violence and Trauma Experienced in Cross-Cultural Settings, by Maureen Connors

Healing the Soul of the Church: Ministers Facing their own Childhood Abuse and Trauma, by Robert Grant.

Discounted Books from the Forum collection

Despertar de la MujeriDios, by Maria Teresa Porcile Santiso.

Coalitions for Justice, edited by Christopher Lind and Joe Mihevc, 1994

Looking Back, Reaching Forward: Reflections on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa, by Charles Villa-Vicencio and Wilhelm Verwoerd, 2000

Pamphlets and Occasional Papers

Transcripts from the Lowell Murray Lecture series hosted by the Ecumenical Institute presentations made by internationally-known theologians.

“Mission as Conflict and Challenge,” by Jose Miguez Bonin, 1978

“‘Story’ Theology,” by C.S. Song, 1984

“Christology and other Faiths: Some Theological Reflections,” by C.S. Song

“Reconciliation and Liberation in Black Theology,” by Allen Boesak, 1979

“Relevant Preaching in a Black Situation,” Allen Boesak

“Mission and Evangelization in a Pluralistic Society,” by Emilio Castro, 1985

“African Women doing Theology,” by Mercy Amba Oduyoye and others, 1988