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The leaders of three of the Canadian Council of Churches denominations have issued a joint letter recognizing the International Decade for People of African Descent and committing to the call upon churches to do more to address anti-Black racism and to uphold the main objectives of the Decade.

The letter commits these churches to “gather and share resources that encourage conversations across our churches, facilitate deeper understanding of human rights and help eradicate racism”.

Read this letter and press releases from each of the Churches:
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
The Anglican Church of Canada
The United Church of Canada
(There will be a French posting on Monday at L’Église Unie du Canada)

A larger roundtable of representatives from other denominations will meet in the weeks ahead to discern a broader ecumenical Canadian commitment to the decade.

CEARN has also produced an info sheet for the International Decade for People of African Descent with links to resources, including CEARN publications, for use in Church settings,

Learn more about the decade at the United Nations website.