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For several years, FILL has been receiving requests from ​Engage Difference! DUIM (Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry) alumni for another certificate program that would enhance their intercultural leadership and ministry.

We are also regularly asked to provide suggestions of facilitators who might design and facilitate workshops and conversations on Intercultural ministry.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that ​in 2021, FILL is offering a certificate program called “Engage Deeper​!” This certificate program is for those who have already taken the DUIM program and wish to develop further their intercultural work and relationships. The program is open to alumni across Canada and will be virtual (or if possible, a hybrid virtual/in person with groups of participants gathering in local groups to participate on-line.) This will be an opportunity to grow in the skills for intercultural ministry in local contexts. For those interested, this will provide a certificate toward providing intercultural ministry design and facilitation.

For this certificate, the participants are required to:

  1. Participate in four of our 2-hour webinars,
  2. Participate in Alumni Network Collaboration and Design gathering (three of 3 hours gathering),
  3. Gather for a final celebration of learning, and
  4. Register and pay $195 tuition*

(* We do not want cost to be barrier. This cost is subsidized. Participants without access to continuing education or other personal funds are eligible for further bursaries)

Information about the four webinars

A Seat at the Table – Journeying towards Beloved Community

Deeper Understanding of Interculturality: Living, Learning, and Relating Interculturally in Canadian Contexts- FILL Theology and Research Group

Case Study: The Canadian Churches, Poverty, and Intercultural Analysis

Race, Indigeneity, Decolonial thinking, and the Possibilities of Anti-Colonial Education

More information and to register for the webinars.

Those who cannot attend the webinars due to their schedule and/or other commitments can watch the recorded version of the webinars. However, we strongly encourage you to join these webinars live and engage in conversation since we will be dedicating good amount of time for break out rooms and discussion throughout the webinars. We deepen our intercultural engagement as we actively participate in these conversations.

Alumni Network Collaboration and Design will be a three-day gathering (3 hours each)

​Fall 2021. Dates TBA. Virtual gatherings or hybrid virtual/in person

  1. Gathering one: Check-in and share stories of intercultural ministry from our own communities
  2. Gathering two: Spend time in small groups to design projects and workshops.
  3. Gathering three ( 2 weeks later) : Present projects and workshops and offer feedback to each other

Certificate  participants will be expected to document their designs to share with others.

This event will be open to a wider group of alumni and intercultural ministry practitioners. The purpose and the outcome of this alumni gathering is to build relationships among DUIM alumni, support the alumni for engaging intercultural ministry in home contexts, and design usable and shareable intercultural workshops and other engagements.

Certificate Celebration of Learning Engage Deeper Certificate participants will have a final 1 hour gathering to name and celebrate their learning, identify next steps, and receive their certificates.

How to register?

Register for the certificate program and pay tuition below. If you have already registered and need to make a follow-up payment, use the additional payment form.

As they are available, you will receive an invitation to register for each webinar event and the alumni gathering.