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Why Support The Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning?

We provide a unique space in Canada for grounding Mission and Global Ministry in Theology, History and the current Global Context.

The context within which and the ways Canadians are doing mission is changing. Many Canadians have much more access to the world either through travel abroad or through the people living in their communities.

For over 80 years the Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning has focused its energies on preparing people for mission and in accompanying them in their return to Canada. The Forum is a strong ecumenical presence among its partner denominations and in the wider community engaged in theological reflection on global and cultural issues faith issues. It is a resource to hundreds of individuals and congregations engaged in the important task of living with and relating to God’s church in the world.

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You can support us in three important ways:

  • by making financial donations
  • offering your time as a volunteer
  • through prayer

We thank you for your financial, volunteer, and prayer support.



Donations to the FILL will be used to support our innovative and exciting work with people in transition in global mission and ministry.

We accept donations made by credit card (VISA or Mastercard), cheque, or money order. Please telephone the Administrator between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on any weekday to a) donate by credit card over the telephone, or b) request a printed donation form to be mailed to you so that you can donate by cheque or money order.

If you are interested in making a donation through a bequest please contact us for details. Income tax receipts will be issued for all donations greater than $10.00.

Checks payable to “Canadian Council of Churches”. Write “Donation to FILL” on the cheque memo or in an accompany note. Mail to:

Canadian Council of Churches
Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning
47 Queens Park Crescent East
Toronto, ON. M5S 2C3

To call with donation: 416-972-9494


We are looking for people to do newspaper clipping and to surf the Internet to find material to update country and regional resources for our programs, to help with mailings, to help in welcoming and providing transportation for program participants, as well as for other tasks. Please telephone the Director for details.



Please remember in your thoughts and prayers:

  • the personnel and volunteers involved in global mission and ministry
  • the National Planning Committee of the Canadian Theological Students’ Conference
  • the staff and board of the Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning

The following poem was written in 1936 for the 15th anniversary of the Canadian School of Missions. It was written by Lucy Winifred Bryce who had been involved in the School of Mission programs. Sixty-five years on and after three organizational name changes, the poem still reflects the thoughts, feelings and prayers of many participants in the Forum’s Mission Personnel Programs.


Greetings from the Fields

This is the House of Friendship
Here we have come from the ends of the earth.
We have been aliens, strangers there, until we built ourselves in by love.
We come back to our country, and lo! we are foreign here too.
But in the House of Friendship we are at home.

This is the House of Cheer
Here there are glowing colours, firelight, books.
Here is the kindly ministry of Tea.
Here there is healing laughter.
And here our spirits, rather dusty,
A little frayed, a little weary too,
Find a new birth, a springtime in the soul.

This is the House of Dreams
Here there are folk who hear strange sounds in our Canadian City–
Camel bells along the roads that wind over the passes into Thibet,
The blind flute-player under the clouds of cherry blossoms,
Drums in the darkness of an African night.
Their eyes see, far away, golden babies playing in the Sunlight,
Peacocks flying across the sunset.
They smell hot dust, cassia and sandalwood, roses incense,
and little smoky fires.

This is the House of Adventure
Youth comes here with eyes alight.
High-hearted Youth, whose lives are outward bound.
We mariners with salty lips, and garments stained with weather,
We look to them and love them, Argonauts of to-day.
Their mentor’s voice is ringing in their ears,
They long to be away and out at Sea,
The glory of the far horizon lures them on.

This is the House of Peace
Men and women who have given golden years
Come here to share the news of toil and joy;
They are wise, with a wisdom that we do not share.
There is a quiet glow upon their faces
Because of the beautiful things they know.
They have high purpose, valiant hearts that still plead for the folk they love.
“The world is ripened in the stillness of God’s saints.”

This is the House of Vision
Quiet, sometimes, to catch the overtones,
Sometimes to hear a trumpet, clarion clear.
Sometimes to look steadily at a little path that winds uphill,
Sometimes to see a Garden of Olive Trees,
And sometimes to climb the Delectable Mountains
And see across the Valley the City of God,
The Abiding House of Friendship and Cheer,
Where all fair dreams come true.

Lucy Winifred Bryce