An Invitation to Conversation and Dialogue

The Theology and Research Group of
The Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning

Based on the open and living document: “Interculturality Framework and Guiding Principles: An Invitation to Conversation and Dialogue,” developed by The Theology and Research Working Group (TR) of The Forum for Intercultural Leadership and Learning (FILL), we are thrilled to invite you to a two-step, local and cross-Canada, open conversation to question the suggested document with your vision and understanding of interculturality in Canadian Church context(s).

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The invitation to this activity is twofold. First, to enter into a local reading of the document during a two-hour conversation, either in-person or
online. These local conversations will be an opportunity to read and wrestle with the document based on the local context and experiences of interculturality. Local groups will identify questions raised by the document. We envision the participation of eight groups across Canada. Second, a maximum of three questions will be submitted by each group to frame a cross-Canada online session. This final session will engage the local conversations’ questions and will be moderated by the FILL staff and the TR group.

This activity has been framed by The Research and Theology group of FILL, which invites, fosters, and amplifies the many people working toward theologies of interculturality, connects faith based intercultural ministry to the learning of other disciplines, and initiates and brings together research on intercultural ministry in the churches.

Conversation Participants
This conversation is open to all who are interested. Please register with your contact information below so we can connect you to the cross-Canada session. If you have not already connected with a local conversation, we will connect you with a local conversation convener. If you have connected with a local conversation, please indicate the conveners name.

Local Conversation Conveners
Please consider convening a local conversation:

  • Invite others in your context and provide a 2-hour in-person or online location for a conversation. These invitations will be through personal connections and through the networks of FILL.
  • Host and facilitate the conversation: provide hospitality and walk the group through a guided process.
  • Submit three key question that emerge from the conversation.
  • Participate in a second national on-line conversation. Group members can participate individually, or hosts have the option of convening them to participate from a common location.
If you are interested in this role in your context, please indicate below.

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