Canadian Council of Churches

Theology and Research

The Research and Theology group of FILL, which invites, fosters, and amplifies the many people working toward theologies of interculturality, connects faith based intercultural ministry to the learning of other disciplines, and initiates and brings together research on intercultural ministry in the churches.

This group was formed after a 2018 nation-wide ecumenical consultation to hear the experiences, resources, successes and needs of its members around relationships and ministry across cultural and racial differences. This consultation was a step toward forming the new CCC reference group, The Forum for Intercultural Leadership and
Learning (FILL). That consultation identified a need for a “Canadian Centre for well-done theologies of intercultural ministry and racial justice.”

This group offers this living document as a framework and guiding principles as it attempts to be open to and live out interculturality in our various church communities. This group recognizes that interculturality is a complex and painstaking process of mutual learning and of undoing inherited structures that privilege a small segment of society over others. As a living document, this will change over time as we become more sensitive to hearing God’s calling to become a prophetic community. This group offers this document as an invitation to conversation and dialogue.

In 2021 this group created a document to invite conversation and dialogue toward understanding Interculturality in contexts across Canada:

Interculturality Framework and Guiding Principles: an Invitation to Conversation and Dialogue 

version française: Cadre et principes directeurs en matière d’interculturalité: une invitation à la conversation et au dialogue