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“Forum Focus” Newsletter

We publish an annual newsletter, Forum Focus. This contains information about our programs, articles and reflections on intercultural ministry, book reviews, updates on Forum staff and board members, and other articles related to our work.

Current issue

Forum Focus 2016 Adobe PDF file icon
In the 2016 issue:
“Intercultural Ministry: The Creative Imagination of Ecumenism”
“A Memo . . .” – by DUIM Alum Carmen Ramirez
2016 Program Update


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The current and previous issues of Forum Focus can be downloaded in Adobe Reader* (PDF) format.


DUIM Alumni Email Newsletter

Every month we produce a email newsletter for alumni of the DUIM program that includes reflections from the Director, Jonathan Schmidt, and past participants, as well as news about the Forum and upcoming programs, and other interesting tidbits. Contact us to sign up.

DUIM Alumni Email Newsletter March 2017
In this issue:
1. Reflections on the Intersectionality of Unearned Privilege
2. Intercultural Ministry as Embodied Practice
3. The Skin We’re In
4. Upcoming Events
5. Engage Difference! Program Bursary Fund

Past Issues

DUIM Alumni Newsletter

DUIM Alumni Email Newsletter December 2016
In this issue:
1. Epiphany Intercultural Ministry Resource
2. Upcoming Programs


DUIM Alumni Email Newsletter November 2016
In this issue:
1. “Bringing DUIM back – Are we ready?” reflections of an alumna
2. Reserve 107: Reconciliation on the Prairies
3. The creative imagination of Intercultural Ministry: Faith and Witness podcast
interview with Canadian Churches’ Forum Director
4. Help support the Canadian Churches Forum and intercultural ministry programs!
5.News/Upcoming Programs & Annual Newsletter

DUIM Alumni Email Newsletter October 2016
In this issue:
1. “A memo…”
2. EDITORIAL: What I Said When My White Friend Asked for My Black Opinion on White Privilege
3. DUIM featured on Anglican.ca! “Intercultural ministry program expands to new locations”
4. VIDEO: “Fixing Racism – racism is at the root of many of humanity’s evils | Gurdeep
Parhar | TEDxStanleyPark”
5. Forum News/Upcoming Programs

email-1-thumbnailDUIM Alumni Email Newsletter September 2016
In this issue:
1. DUIM 2 Survey Results
2. “At the Crossroads,” a reflection by DUIM Alum Rev. Min-Goo Kang
3. “Colonization as a Curse,” By Patricia Vickers, Director, Mental Wellness, First Nations
Health Authority
4. Forum News
5. Upcoming Programs

Forum Focus

Forum-Focus-2015-Fall-1 Forum Focus 2015 Adobe PDF file icon
In the 2015 issue:
“Engage Difference!”
“From the Archives: The first director of the Canadian School of Missions – the Rev. J. Lovell Murray”
2o15 Program Update

Forum Focus 2014 gif Forum Focus 2014 Adobe PDF file icon [1421 kb]
In the 2014 issue:
“Trinitarian Missiology: A View from WCC’s ‘Together Towards Life'”
“Changes at the Canadian Churches Forum”
“Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry Program”

ForuForum Focus 2013 coverm Focus 2013 Adobe PDF file icon [613 kb]
In the 2013 issue:
“Moving Toward a Just Multicultural Church”
“Forum Celebrates 24 Years of Ministry with Patti Talbot”
“Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry Program”

 Forum Focus 2012Adobe PDF file icon [525 kb]
In the 2012 issue:
“Forum Launches New Program in 2013”
“Developing Theological Understanding for Intercultural Ministry” by Rafael Vallejo


Forum Focus 2011 Adobe PDF file icon [477 kb]
In the 2011 issue:
“Canadian Churches Forum for Global Ministries Turns 90”
“CCFGM in the 21st Century”
“The Word of God is a Verb Rather Than a Noun” by Dr. Reinerio Arce Valentin

Forum Focus 2010 Forum Focus 2010 Adobe PDF file icon [320 kb]
In the 2010 issue:
“Surely One Must Listen” by Ray & Rhea Whitehead
“We Do Not Need To Build More Walls” by Archbishop Elias Chacour
“Edinburgh 2010” by Lori Ransom

Image of first page of 2009 Forum Focus Forum Focus 2009 Adobe PDF file icon [442 kb]
In the 2009 issue:
“Mission and Power” by Bishop Mark MacDonald, Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Tapia, & Rev. Dr. Russell Daye
Edinburgh 2010
Perspectives on the Ecomomic Crisis from the Global South

Forum Focus 2008 Adobe PDF file icon [770 kb]

In the 2008 issue:
Intercultural Ministry in Canada
Global Mission at Home
The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians


Forum Focus 2007 Newsletter front page Forum Focus 2007 Adobe PDF file icon [471 kb]
In the 2007 issue:
Mission Rediscovered by Fr. David Warren
Short Term Mission: Meaningful Travel or Christian Tourism?
Bringing Together Ubuntu and Sansaeng


Forum Focus 2006 Newsletter front page Forum Focus 2006 Adobe PDF file icon [388 kb]
In the 2006 issue:
“Grounding Mission” by Rev. Dr. Charles Fensham
Mission in the 21st Century
Six Nations Land Reclamation


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